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Welcome to our family, history and roots website, for the families of Randy and Katherine (Humphreys) Waite.

Randy's ancestral families include Waite, Buchtel, Lowery, Tointon, Braucher, Rhodes, Tritt, West, Haverstick and Gwaltney (and others), while Kathy's families include Humphreys, Loges, Trautman, Pritchard, Zimmerman, and Smith (and others).

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Buchtel siblings: Florence, Della, and Percy

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You can click on one of the links below to get started. Clicking on a link will take you to a starting family tree (Ancestors Chart). These trees only go back eight generations, so they are not complete. From there, you can click on various buttons and tabs to get more information. Or, you can click on an underlined name to get their information page, and can start viewing family trees and other information from that point.

For the Tritt family: Clicking on "Tritt", below, will take you to the information page for Hans Peter Tritt Sr, father of Hans Peter and Christian, the brothers who brought the Tritt family to America. From there you can click on "Ancestors", "Descendants", underlined names, etc.

Tritt Family

West/Haverstick, starting with Leroy West (Haverstick)

Waite/Gwaltney, starting with Donald Gene Waite
Buchtel/Lowery, starting with Joyce Elaine Buchtel

Humphreys/Loges, starting with Katherine Humphreys


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