Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLEVER, Letia Day  4 Jun 1900Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525209
2 DAY, Grace May  3 Mar 1878Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525208
3 MYERS, Anna May  1 Jan 1921Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528500
4 MYERS, Caroline Grace  4 Dec 1925Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528468
5 MYERS, Francis  16 Feb 1918Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528498
6 MYERS, Helen S.  1 Mar 1932Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528476
7 MYERS, Jacalyn June   I528488
8 MYERS, John Frederick Jr.  13 Jan 1934Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528482
9 MYERS, John Frederick III   I528487
10 MYERS, Juanita Lee  11 Aug 1929Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528501
11 MYERS, Margaret Leita  1 Feb 1923Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528466
12 MYERS, Marshall   I528490
13 MYERS, Maybell  9 Mar 1919Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528499
14 MYERS, William Franklin  23 Feb 1937Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528502
15 RADEE, Irvin Robert  8 Apr 1926Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I527755
16 SLIDER, Jo-Ann Letia  30 Mar 1951Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528475
17 SLIDER, Linda Jean   I528473
18 UHL, Charlene Shirley  14 Dec 1937Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLASS, Boyd Frederick  16 Sep 1949Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I508086
2 CLEVER, Elizabeth  30 Jan 1903Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525191
3 CLEVER, Jacob Jr.  1 Apr 1915Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525195
4 CLEVER, Letia Day  5 Nov 1965Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525209
5 CLEVER, Mary  27 Jun 1944Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525196
6 FRANKFORTER, Susanna  22 Oct 1899Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I524806
7 HAAGE, Lydia  24 Feb 1917Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525199
8 MARTIN, Duane Earl  9 Feb 1978Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I527744
9 MYERS, Caroline Grace  15 Nov 1981Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528468
10 MYERS, Helen S.  2 Apr 1987Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528476
11 MYERS, John Frederick Jr.  4 Jan 2013Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528482
12 MYERS, Juanita Lee  17 Apr 1978Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528501
13 MYERS, Maybell  11 Jun 1994Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528499
14 PARKER, Erwan Leslie  12 Feb 1995Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528469
15 RUSSELL, Derinda L.  7 Jul 1925Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525200
16 SLIDER, Warren Kenneth  23 Dec 1970Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528471


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CLEVER, Elizabeth  1880Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525191
2 CLEVER, George Jacob  1910Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525202
3 CLEVER, George Jacob  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525202
4 CLEVER, Ida  1910Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I527784
5 CLEVER, Jacob Jr.  1870Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525195
6 CLEVER, Letia Day  1910Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525209
7 CLEVER, Letia Day  1930Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525209
8 CLEVER, Letia Day  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525209
9 CLEVER, Nelson  1910Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I527785
10 CLEVER, Nelson  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I527785
11 DAY, Grace May  1910Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525208
12 FRANKFORTER, Susanna  1870Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I524806
13 FRANKFORTER, Susanna  1880Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I524806
14 HAAGE, Chester A.  1870Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525198
15 HAAGE, Lydia  1870Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525199
16 HAAGE, Lydia  1880Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525199
17 MYERS, Anna May  1930Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528500
18 MYERS, Beverly Jean  1930Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528470
19 MYERS, Beverly Jean  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528470
20 MYERS, Caroline Grace  1930Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528468
21 MYERS, Caroline Grace  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528468
22 MYERS, Francis  1930Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528498
23 MYERS, Helen S.  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528476
24 MYERS, John Frederick  1930Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525358
25 MYERS, John Frederick Jr.  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528482
26 MYERS, John Frederick  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I525358
27 MYERS, Juanita Lee  1930Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528501
28 MYERS, Juanita Lee  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528501
29 MYERS, Margaret Leita  1930Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528466
30 MYERS, Margaret Leita  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528466
31 MYERS, Maybell  1930Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528499
32 MYERS, Maybell  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528499
33 MYERS, William Franklin  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I528502
34 RADEE, Irvin Robert  1940Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan I527755


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MYERS / CLEVER  16 Sep 1917Charlotte, Eaton County, Michigan F508224