Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BISSLER, Myrtle Louise  9 Jun 1886Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I538589
2 BOLENDER, Armina  8 Mar 1848Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I538255
3 BOLENDER, Charles  24 Jun 1856Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I538259
4 BOLENDER, Lucretia  10 Jul 1853Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I538258
5 BOLENDER, Sarah Jane  18 Jul 1858Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I538261
6 BUCHTEL, Eliza  24 Oct 1828Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I501145
7 BUCHTEL, Joseph Orville  22 Nov 1830Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I501141
8 BUCHTEL, Samuel  Abt 1838Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I501143
9 DULABAHN, Lincoln Leroy  13 Feb 1892Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I521967
10 FESSLER, George Franklin  20 Dec 1881Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I529128
11 FESSLER, Parke A.  31 May 1906Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I521181
12 GIGGER, Bertha V.  25 Feb 1877Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I512871
13 GIGGER, Joseph Clarence  28 Sep 1874Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I512867
14 GOUGLER, Anita Lavonne  9 Feb 1917Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I518719
15 HEISA, Florence Irene  25 Dec 1919Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I528929
16 MACHAMER, Margaret  8 Jun 1834Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I518259
17 MOORE, George U.  8 Jun 1906Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534250
18 MOORE, Hazel Rebecca  4 Mar 1903Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534249
19 MOORE, Norman Braucher  22 Feb 1875Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I537080
20 MOORE, Ward Dale  6 Oct 1918Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534259
21 MYERS, Chester Mervin  14 Dec 1861Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I532452
22 MYERS, David  23 Apr 1840Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I523216
23 MYERS, Phillip S.  24 Dec 1830Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I514046
24 MYERS, Phillip S.  24 Dec 1830Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I537881
25 PONTIUS, Almira  2 Jul 1851Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I505575
26 PONTIUS, Amanda  9 Apr 1856Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I505576
27 PONTIUS, Angelina  17 Jan 1848Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I505574
28 PONTIUS, Celestia  6 Dec 1858Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I505577
29 PONTIUS, Emanuel Jonathan  4 Dec 1849Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I505580
30 PONTIUS, Minerva A.  30 Jan 1866Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I505578
31 SEMLER, Orin O.  6 Feb 1869Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I513089
32 SMITH, Susanna  29 Jun 1831Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I501147
33 TRITT, Clara Ruhamniah  17 Jun 1851Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I507498
34 TRITT, Dolores Mae   I525580


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAUGHMAN, Lucetta  17 Aug 1955Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I538260
2 BOLENDER, Lucretia  20 Feb 1923Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I538258
3 BOLENDER, Sarah Jane  8 Mar 1908Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I538261
4 BUCHTEL, Lora E.  18 Jul 1924Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I516377
5 GOUGLER, Elias  4 Aug 1888Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I525563
6 HARTONG, Sylvia M.  15 May 1953Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I521180
7 MOORE, William A.  3 Sep 1963Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534159
8 MOTZ, Roger William  20 Nov 2009Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I529910
9 MYERS, Henry  6 Dec 1874Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I504400
10 MYERS, Joshua  9 Mar 1840Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I504406
11 PARKS, Iona Mae  22 Mar 2011Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I526629
12 SNYDER, Sarah Salome  19 May 1963Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I522163
13 TRITT, Mary Alice  27 Mar 2001Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I524679
14 TRITT, Priscilla  15 May 1928Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I512545
15 WELLS, Eleanor Lovina  10 Jan 2009Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I521346


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ACKER, Mary C.  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534245
2 FESSLER, Donna Jean   I526801
3 FESSLER, Janis Mae   I526800
4 FESSLER, Parke A.  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I521181
5 GOUGLER, Harry Emanuel  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I518718
6 HARTONG, Sylvia M.  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I521180
7 MILLER, Margaret  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534303
8 MOORE, Arland Charles  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534251
9 MOORE, Hazel Rebecca  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534249
10 MOORE, William A.  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534159
11 SHOOK, Arlo Leland  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534252
12 SHOOK, Rebecca  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534295
13 SHOOK, Robert  1940Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BOLENDER, Charles  Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I538259
2 MOORE, Arland Charles  Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I534251
3 MOTZ, Roger William  Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio I529910


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CANNON / SHORT   F513337
2 HARTONG / SIX  14 Nov 1930Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio F506806
3 HUNT / BROWN   F513958
5 MILLER / PARK  15 Jun 1957Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio F512135
6 NOEL / GROVE   F506802
8 SHOOK / MOORE  20 Jun 1923Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio F511925
9 STONE / SHEATERS   F509598
10 SWINEHART / TORREY  24 Nov 1939Uniontown, Stark County, Ohio F513900