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Samuel Frankfather and Anna Marie Gilson Frankfather historical notes

Information printed by Mabel Frankfather Boger, about her mother, Anna Maria Gilson, in her history prepared in the 1940's:

Annie was a dressmaker. Mabel's personal description states that she was 5' 4", brunette complexion, dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. She weighed 160 pounds but this was probably later in life.

Mabel Frankfather Boger knew her mother's birth date to be 1845. That is what she had placed on her mother's gravestone and that is what she printed in her history. But her mother's death certificate indicates a 1846 birth. This information was supplied by Anna Maria's husband. The date listed in the S. S. Frankfather Family Bible is 7 November 1845, in the handwriting of Samuel Frankfather. When she died in December of 1912, if she had been born in 1845, she would have been aged 67, having just had a birthday. This is the age that daughter Mabel listed in the family history. But her obituaries in the Hickman Enterprise and Nebraska State Journal state she was aged 66, same as her death certificate. Census records also support the 1845 birth date. In 1910, she gives her birth date as November 1845. All other birth dates of her family in that census were correct. In 1850, she was four, and in 1870, she was 24, which also support the 1845 birth date. In the 1860 census, she was 16, which would place her birth in 1843, and in 1880, she was 32, which would place the birth in 1847. Only in 1910, was her age stated as 63, which would place her birth in 1846. If she were born in 1845, then her parents were married about a month before her birth. Daughter Grace's delayed birth certificate also lists 1845 for Anna Maria's birth.

George Bell Frankforter told Della Boger in 1940 that "Anne" was very beautiful and talented. She had a fine voice and made the most beautiful wax flowers and tinted them. He used to watch her by the hours. When George Bell
Frankforter was born, Anna Maria was thirteen years old. She was living in the Frankforter household because her mother married her future husband's father. George was a child of that marriage. George said she was very good in algebra and a professor named Oleney or Alney at the university at Ann Arbor, Michigan, tried to get her to go to school there and he almost had her persuaded when she married Samuel Frankfather.

George Bell Frankforter also said that Anna and Sam Frankfather should have gone to New York and gone on the stage because they both had fine voices and were excellent entertainers. Lowell Frankforter, a grandson of David who was a brother of Samuel, remembers Sam and Annie when he was a child. He said they put on shows and entertained them.

About 1898 or 1899, Annie's husband told their oldest daughter, Viva Schwake, that her mother wanted her to have her watch and that he should have brought it along because she never wears it. Later when Viva was visiting her mother, she asked about the watch and her mother said, "It was stolen. Pa always made such a fuss when I went away from home and locked the house so I just quit locking the house and I think that a boy that was working at the livery stable slipped into the house when I was away and got my watch. I intended to give you my watch." At that point, Samuel Frankfather walked in and when questioned said, "I don't know, I haven't seen it for months. I suppose it is around here someplace. Maybe it is in the secretary drawer." Anna said, "No, I have looked for it but it is gone."

In the summer of 1910 or 11, Clay and Mabel were called to Roca because of the illness of their mother. Viva was called to Roca from Guthrie, Oklahoma. In November 1912, Clay wrote to his sister Mabel from Lincoln, Nebraska, "We arrived here at about 3 o'clock only to find that Father & Aunt Rose had brought Mother to the Hospital this morn and gone back on the train about 2 hours before we got here. Father said he would go home and get the house cleaned up as Clay might come in a day or two. Aunt Frona said they placed Mother on a cot and put the cot in the baggage car, she stood the trip fine, knew where she was going, and seemed to enjoy the trip, Aunt Frona thinks Father will be all right now that he was just simply worn out and give up. Hope the children are getting along all right now. Good Bye, Clay." In December 1912, Clay went to Roca when their mother died. Mabel was unable to go because her children had scarlet fever..

After Anna's death, her husband's new wife, Laura was seen wearing the watch by Elizabeth "Lide" (Frankforter) Hartz. Viva then wrote her father about the watch. He then sent it to Clay who in turn sent it to Viva.

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