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John and Marguerite Bettler Kleckner Legacy

The Suburbanite (Green, OH) - Friday, May 29, 2015:

Marguerite Kleckner: Remembering the Kleckners' legacy

Marguerite Kleckner passed away recently just days before her 96th birthday. Mrs. Kleckner, who was born in East Liberty, the area around the intersection of state Route 619 and South Arlington Road, lived her entire life in the Green area. She was the widow of John Kleckner, who was the patriarch of the Green school system. The now-closed Kleckner Elementary School on Greensburg Road, which used to serve as Greensburg High School and is located just a stone's throw away from where the Kleckners lived, was named in his honor. They were married for 41 years before he died.

But as we all know to be true, behind every good man is an even better woman, and Mrs. Kleckner was certainly that, serving as the matriarch of the school system and, in many ways, the community as well along with being her husband's trusted confidante.

John would often say he never journeyed further than 50 miles from Green, where he resided his entire life, and that might have also been the case for his wife. They both dearly loved Green and saw no reason to go elsewhere - even for a short time - to have fun. Everything they wanted and was right there where they were.

But the Green in which Mrs. Kleckner and her husband lived was a far cry from what we see today.

The Kleckners' Green was a township made up entirely of two-lane roads, some of them even paved. It was a community of inter-connected farms, with barns, chicken coups, silos, fence lines and parked tractors, some of them even motorized, dotting the landscape for as far as you could see.

It was a simple life, but a good one, as the Kleckners and their neighbors would brag.

And they were right.

Now, though, all of that is gone, replaced by big, two-story homes, multi-lane streets and shiny, new businesses. Many of the newer residents might not know much about once was where they live. But that's OK, because no matter what and no matter where, time marches on. It always has, and always will.

We all want to leave a great legacy, and Mrs. Kleckner and her husband have. They are indelibly and forever linked to the Green school system and the community.

In fact, that legacy lives on in a tangible way as well, for the Kleckners' daughter, Sharon Hurt, has been a guidance counselor at Manchester High School for 50 years.

She went all the way to the other side of Nimisila Reservoir to get that job, and probably in the minds of happy homebodies Marguerite Kleckner and her husband, she "left home" to do it.